Nico and Vinx, we are a couple of destination wedding photographers, capturing love tales in Scotland, Italy, Iceland and all around the world.

As wedding photographers our biggest source of inspiration are people with the rawest emotions held in their stories. We strongly believe into human connections and are fascinated by the way photography tell the uniqueness in each of them.

The Scottish Highlands, Italy, as well as many other destinations are the playground where we love to document engagements, weddings, elopements. Vinx and I met in the crazy world of advertising years ago, working as a creative team. Being in this game for more than a decade, gave us great opportunities to travel around the world, collaborating with many talented movie directors, photographers and authors. That is also why our photography style is a mix of emotional story telling influenced with a touch of cinematic aesthetic.

At some point in our lives we felt we were both searching for something different, a way to push creatively ourselves further. Photography was the answer. It was there, waiting for us. We realized it was exactly what we wanted to pursue, as we both separately enjoyed street, travel and portrait photography for several years. Then we jumped into our current project, The Ferros, being wedding photographers and shooting love stories around the globe. Do you want to know more?