Hello, we are Nico and Vinx.

Nice to meet you. We are an Italian couple, sharing life and work + two lovely (and obviously polite) British cats, Lana&Lino. We are Scotland wedding photographers who got married last summer in Italy, where our roots are. After a very long relationship both as girlfriend-boyfriend and colleagues, we got engaged. In fact, even though our passion for photography has started long before we met each other, we have been working as a creative team in the crazy world of advertisement with its big commercials, glossy print ads and all that it includes.


This golden planet was something that we strongly believed in, and this gave us the chance to travel around the world and meet many talented directors, photographers and authors. But then it felt like it wasn’t enough anymore. We were both searching for a way to push further to express our ideas and emotions.


We found it in photography. We are madly in love with cinema, from Stanley Kubrik’s Barry Lyndon to the Italian neorealism to Wes Anderson; art in all its shapes, from John William Waterhouse to Valentino but also nature, travel and, above all, we strongly believe into human connections. Socializing, exchanging cultures, visions, stories with others’ is something magical to us, something with the power to change yourself, your mindset, your horizons. Basically meeting people, getting to know them, for us is freaking awesome! That is why wedding photography has been the answer to everything for us. Documenting elopements and weddings in the magic Scottish highlands, Europe and abroad is definitely what we mostly love doing.