Grab a cup of hot coffee (or tea if you prefer) play the music button down below and enjoy our last elopement in the mesmerizing Scottish Highlands! There are probably no better words to describe this young, pure and beautiful couple than calling them ‘soul mates’. Ailidh is a veterinary (she explained us, while timidly smiling with her sweet eyes, that the final “d” shouldn’t be pronounced as it’s a Scottish name! ) Her young husband, Pedro, works for a charity organization supporting people in Rwanda

It was a dark early morning when we met them in Glencoe. Since the very start it was love at first sight with these two. We felt so grateful to be in front of such awesome and genuine people. Ailidh & Pedro had a very intimate elopement. They exchanged their love vows in the middle of this magic land, surrounded by the forces of nature. We could tell how much they love each other by the way they were holding their hands tight throughout such an intense day. From morning to night the rain has been very heavy but these guys weren’t going to let it get in the way!

They showed us there’s no need to live in fear of predictions of rain on your wedding day. On the contrary they proved us that clouds and rain are the best ingredients to make of a day an unforgettable one! Sharing incredible moments like these, with people like these, is the reason why we’ll never say enough times how much we love doing our job. And, above all, how much love this world still has to spread&share. Thank you A+P, from the bottom of our heart!

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maggio 2, 2017
This is so beautiful.