If you’re dreaming of planning a destination wedding in Italy, be it a small one or an intimate elopement, we're pretty sure you will love this place. The story you’re about to discover will take you to the deep South of Italy indeed. In the scenic yet rugged lands of Apulia. Here, where the waves of the beaches restlessly kiss their rocky bays, you will fill your eyes with the famous cliffs of Polignano a Mare. Here, where time never passed by, you will admire old, white houses hidden among silverish olive trees.


Tony and Marco’s story will reveal, from the very first instant, a blast of intense feelings and teary moments. It actually all began with a surprise marriage proposal in a quiet golden field, where the grain had just been cut. It seemed like these young souls were the only ones in the whole universe. Truly embracing and enjoying each other’s feelings to the fullest. After a few months, Tony and Marco reached out asking if we would have been available “to continue their journey”. And be with them to narrate their intimate elopement. 


When we met it was like time didn’t go by for a second: the connection, the moments shared, the intimacy, the laughs, and tears… Something hard to describe in words we should leave it to the images. It has certainly been a unique journey with Tony and Marco. One that has allowed exploring some incredible places and, above all, a chance to meet two special human beings, witnessing their one-of-a-kind story. 

Bridal dress: Nicole Milano

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