An intimate wedding in Tuscany. Destination wedding photography in Tuscany.

As destination wedding photographer for couples in Tuscany as well, we had the opportunity to shoot this amazing elopement earlier this year. While thinking back at those memories a poem came to our mind “I walked from the big house to the villas in the cool of the late Tuscan night. I smelt wheat grass and orange blossom. I heard owls and night birds and rustling in the grass. I saw twinkling lights on distant hills. I felt a thousand years press against my throat. I took the shy silence deep into my mouth and ate it. I sensed the dust of a summer night” And So A Song by Geoffrey Fafard


These words sound like from another era, which is how we felt when we first met these two young lover, Martine and Rio. Their love for ancient times (as the wedding rings who Rio secretly kept in an old envelope sealed with his family crest or Martine's vintage straw hats collection) simply blowed our mind! All of a sudden you can be dragged back in time and you can touch it, smell it, taste it... you can see it.  So there it was, Italy, like an enchanting and mysterious old lady, she showed off in all its precious and great beauty in front of us. Simply the best location for a timeless love story: we suggested Martine and Rio to have their intimate elopement in the luxuriant lands of Val d'Orcia.


A slow and peaceful day for the two of them where to enjoy the atmosphere of an Italian wedding. The most romantic and impalpable colors, a warm and gentle summer wind, created such perfect yet nostalgic vibes. Our heart desperately fell in love with their love and gestures for each other. It was like talking with no words, to connect and become one only through feelings. It has been a dreamy experience for a destination wedding photographer. A unique story, like all the stories, that will certainly remain caught in our heart now and forever.

Bridal dress by Anna Fucà Atelier  | Flowers by Fiori per te

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