A non-traditional wedding for jazz lovers and real adventurers. Destination wedding Tuscany Dolomites.

We hope youʼll enjoy this destination wedding in Tuscany and Dolomites as much as we did document it! Leif and Alexandra showed us how similar love and jazz can be “theyʼre both made of passion, contrasts and the great ability to play regardless of any rule” (How true is that?) Leif saw Alexandra for the first time in a club where she used to sing. The way she was performing hit his heart right away. “All the sang words coming from her lips were like sweet bullets for my heart,” Leif said. “She was singing ‘my funny valentineʼ and I said to myself I have to know her” They became a jazz duo since then, as Leif was a talented trumpet player as well.


When Alexandra and Leif told us about their story we were blown away by such an interesting and intense love story. They asked us to accompany them in their adventure, which started in Florence, with the very first lights of the day, when Leif was returning home from a jam session… They were in Tuscany a place dear to their heart, where he proposed her time before. We spent an amazing time together, capturing some cozy moments while these two musicians were composing and rehearsing for their show. Then we followed them to a renowned jazz club, where they had an intimate live performance together.


Leif and Alex decided to stop for an extra day after their gig. Itʼd has been a short vacation that he organized in a surprising place (on the Italian Alps where the Lake of Braies is) When we arrived on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo a heavenly and foggy view was waiting for us. And the less expected happened. Leif thought of saying his vows in a very unusual yet romantic way… he wrote a song for her and recorded it on a music cassette!

Something special happened even a few months later: a shot from the collection was named one of the winners for Junebug Top 50 Destination photos of 2018

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Bridal underwear & dresses by Anna Fucà Atelier


C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S¡¡¡¡

This is one of the most stunning elopement session i have ever seen…absolutely in love of the mood,the couple, the light…could not be more perfect!! congratulations and thanks for the inspiration

This is the most breathtaking photo shooting ever seen. Genius!

Stunning! It’s like a movie, incredible work!!

Certainly one of the most amazing creation I’ve seen in the last five years. What you have shared and created in each image is above perfection ! There are no words coming to my mind other than : “piece of art”.

This is beyond good. really Really amazing work. Touches to the soul