How to get married in the Dolomites?

It's just incredible how many couples are choosing the magic vibes of Dolomites to celebrate one of the most important days of their lives. How can we blame them? If you’re still wondering what the fuss is all about, we’ve prepared for you a handy guide to start exploring and dreaming about such a unique place on Earth! The Dolomites are a mountain range located in northeastern Italy, worldwide known for their breathtaking beauty. Quite close to the Swiss and Austrian border, the Dolomites pass through different Italian cities and regions as Trento, Bolzano and South Tyrol. They have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site and that's why so many tourists come every year to enjoy an adventure on the Dolomites. In the South Tyrol region, closer to the Austrian border, there are many people speaking mainly German and secondly Italian (plus Ladin, as a local language). In South Tyrol is also very evident the German culture influence since this region of the Dolomites used to be part of the Austrian Empire. In all the other areas Italian is the dominant language. If you want to have a look to how an elopement on the Dolomites can be, discover more about it here!

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How to get to the Dolomites?

There are other airports which are closer to the Dolomites such as Venice Airport and Innsbruck Airport (as shown in the map below), but they usually serve short-haul airlines. But the easiest way to reach the Dolomites by flight is getting to Milan International Airport Malpensa or to Munich, as these are the main airports serving long-haul airlines. Innsbruck Airport is about 1.30 hours away from the central area of the Dolomites, while Venice Airport is 3,3 hours away from this region. Look at the map below to access the routes. You can easily rent your car prior to your departure via website and pick it up at the airport. We highly recommend reaching the Dolomites by car from one of these airports. It will be easier for you to move freely through the region, stopping along the itinerary to enjoy the view and take awesome shots also it will be the best experience ever to drive at iconic roads and mountain passes!

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When to elope on the Dolomites?

There’s always a good excuse to come to this place. So we would say “all year around”. We'd also say every season offers a unique perspective of the Dolomites. Like summer (June-September) is the perfect season for visiting and eloping in the Dolomites since the temperatures are warmer and the days are longer and all the main locations are quite easy to reach. But also keep in mind Dolomites can get very crowded during summer, especially for the most scenic spots. From late November until March, the Winter season starts. So if you are dreaming of a Dolomites Elopement in the snow or while skiing, then this will be certainly the best choice! During winter and spring season (March-June) many places can be less accessible or totally frozen as mountain passes or lakes – one those is the Braies Lake. Autumn season (October-November) highlights the beauty of  the Dolomites. The temperatures are still nice, most of the lakes are still unfrozen and the days are long enough to enjoy your Dolomites Elopement. This region, full of trees and green valleys, during fall will show off by turning itself into a painting made of incredible colours. Contact us for more information!

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What to visit in the Dolomites?

Once you’ve decided to elope or get married in the Dolomites, you can take advantage of being there to enjoy a wonderful trip in the Dolomites. You can visit one of the places mentioned before, hike the Three Peaks Loop (10km-loop from Rifugio Auronzo through pinnacles and WW1 tunnel systems) These are the peaks that made the Dolomites famous! They will undoubtedly have you awestruck as they tower above, clouds lingering at their peaks. Here we've been shooting some of the most iconic elopement ever. We will never stress it out enough how mesmerizing these places can be! Find here an emotional elopement we’ve shot near the Three Peaks! Close by is the incredible Cadini di Misurina viewpoint, which is well worth the extra hike for one of the best views in the Dolomites. The Dolomites are famous for their crystal clear lakes like Lake of the Cadore or Lake Carezza. These are honestly something else! It will be a wonderful occasion to relax, enjoy wonderful views and experience nature. Rising from the rocky Catinaccio group separating South Tyrol from Trentino are the speechless peaks of the Vajolet Towers. The Torri del Vajolet are already a popular rock climbing spot, but the trail that leads to the Vajolet Towers base makes for an incredible (if not somewhat challenging) day hike in the Dolomites. Are you up for that? There are actually countless outdoor adventures and amazing things to do in the Dolomites! A guide wouldn't be enough.

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How crowded can the Dolomites be?

This is place is among one of the most beautiful corners of the planet. If you only consider that is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The limit recommended by the World Tourism Organisation is 1,500-2,500 visitors per day, or 4,500-6,000 visitors per day if regarded as a hiking area. So. It's clear that the Dolomites attire many tourists in every season, indeed. This region can be very often very crowded. But the reasons to come here and visit it are enough not to discourage you. Isn't it? For example, a smart solution would be to celebrate your elopement at sunrise, when there are usually fewer people around. This may mean waking up very early in the morning and starting your adventure at dawn. This will create a special elopement, with just that perfect light embracing the two of you!

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Can we legally get married in the Dolomites?

Yep! It will be necessary to submit your paperwork to the city hall of the closest town to the actual ceremony location a few weeks-months before the wedding day, to ensure that everything will go in the correct way. Don’t forget your passport, original birth certificates, evidence of the end of previous marriage status, a nulla osta (certificate of permission to get married in Italy) and a marriage Declaration at the town hall in Italy that you intend to get married. You’ll also need a celebrant, legally recognised by the Italian Government, or the local mayor. The wedding ceremony must be held in Italian or German language, for all the other languages a translator is required. Actually, most of our couples decide to get legally married at home privately (or the day before their elopement in the city hall) This will allow them to be able to easily plan their Dolomites Elopement as an adventure focused on fun, relax and romance! Another positive side note: differently from most US National Parks, you won’t need to obtain permits for a symbolic wedding or elopement!

Do you offer Dolomites Elopement Packages?

Absolutely. So, now that you’ve found your dream place, it's time to plan your perfect day. And we want to make it memorable for you! Which is why we will be much more than happy to help you out with dreaming, creating and planning together your wedding in the Dolomites. We’ll be your local guide also when it comes to suggesting the best accommodations and best spots to visit and where to have your ceremony. We will be able to suggest the best planners, florists, celebrants, make-up artists to make of your day the most memorable of your life! Here you’ll finally experience your elopement in the Dolomites. Because photography allows us to share our enthusiasm for nature and people, we encourage more couples to envision their elopement day exactly how they want it! We will guide you throughout the whole process with lots of tips and information. Like about what to pack and how to be prepared for your dream Dolomites elopement. We cannot wait to start envisioning yours together!

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