When we decided to take the first step of our photography journey, we had fire burning inside. But. We had no idea how many challenges we would have faced. Most of our experiences have been fundamental, regardless of the ups and downs they brought. They really made what we are today. As a matter of fact our, both personal and professional growth, has been built on things we have tried first hand. We found ourselves also incredibly passionate about teaching about what we do and how we do it. So we are here to share with you what’s in our heads and hearts. We will create a space where you can feel understood, advised, inspired!


We also had the honor to be speakers & teachers at some of the most remarkable workshops in the wedding International industry.

The CreFest, Barcelona 2019
The Wolves Workshop, La Graciosa 2019

Our mentoring sessions

One-to-one online

The session will be a heart-to-heart 2 hours talk. We will go through the things that you feel you’re struggling more with and not only.

We will talk about effective workflow, how to bond with couples, the importance of brand awareness, getting the right inspiration to define your style. Each subject will be tailored based on the level of your experience and interest.

We will analyze your portfolio and the actual status of it, advising you how to take it to the next level. Calls available in both English and Italian.

One-to-one in person

We will spend about 6 hours together doing a live shoot, during that we’ll be explaining our creative process when working with a real couple to be followed by an editing session.

We will go through the shots of the day to dive into and understand how to get the result that better represents your own style. It will also include your portfolio review.

We only take a max of 10 full day mentoring session per year.

To book your session email us
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