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This elopement took place in a marvellous Venetian villa, offering a classical ambience and a charming garden outside. If in your most romantic dreams, you’re imagining having an intimate elopement in an Italian villa the hardest part would be to choose which one! Italy has to offer so many amazing ones indeed. Some of which are certainly among the most luxurious in the world. Find out more about one of those with this Lake Como small wedding. Despite being lavish and sumptuous, villas are still a house, therefore offering an especially intimate atmosphere.

Villa Barbarigo, among the wonders of the Veneto area, was built on commission by a nobleman. This Venetian Villa dating back to the 17th century, with its simple structure, is particularly known for the magnificent garden. Known as the “Versailles in miniature” made by Luigi Bernini, it hosts 70 statues! What a perfect completion for such a beautiful day.

Choose intimacy and romance

One of the many great aspect of an intimate elopement is that you can literally have it your way. Even when it comes to your vows. You have no audience, apart from your partner. So you can feel completely free to finally write down and share your feelings like you would have never done before! And if you don't know where to start you could chose a few things about your partner that you personally love about him or her. Things that stood out and made you a firm believer that he or she was the perfect person for you...

A glamorous elopement in Italy

This elopement set in Italy was conceived, by Laura and Matt, as a day made of romance, intimacy and glamour! Look at the outstanding handmade gown she was wearing. Its simple elegance gave our beautiful bride a special allure. L completed the overall look with precious details: a vintage pair of Swarovski Crystal shoes and an earring made of pearls, recalling the texture and design of the dress itself. To say it with the poet Paul Auster’s words “The enchantment of a story is hidden in its more subtle details”.

An emotional symbolic ceremony

A symbolic ceremony is the simplest way to marry especially for an elopement. You can choose a place as L+M did with the mesmerizing Villa Barbarigo's garden. Since a symbolic ceremony is not legally recognized, you can decide to use a celebrant to officiate your wedding or simply exchange vows. If you choose to get married in a foreign country, a symbolic ceremony may be the best option since you would otherwise need a residency to get a marriage license. Many couples choose a civil ceremony then throw a reception when they return back home.

How to elope in Italy

If you’re coming from abroad and what to have more time to experience Italy, we recommend doing your civil paperwork at home. So, you can plan for your symbolic elopement here in Italy. The paperwork is a big process in Italy, especially when you’re not a current citizen. So you can save time and enjoy more the exciting parts of your destination wedding. However, if you truly want the full experience of getting married in Italy, the paperwork process can be done! It just requires a little bit more planning beforehand.

Venice wedding photographers

During our journey into photography, even as wedding photographers in the Venice area, we never had enough of discovering new venues and places. If you search for your dream elopement photographer and would start envisioning your day with us we are waiting for you!

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