A unique moment dedicated to love, far from everything, in a beautiful place. Elopement in Isle of Skye and Dolomites.

What a day guys. We were literally counting the hours to share this incredible adventure with Giulia and Fede and their elopement in the Isle of Skye and the Dolomites. As soon as they contacted us for their elopement we instantly felt amused by the contagious feelings between them. We can definitely say they’re more than a couple madly in love but a perfect mix of pure fun, sexiness, and one-of-a-kind complicity (plus they’re also incredible hikers!) We all met in a small cottage where G+F was staying. It’s still so clear in our minds how excited they were to start this new experience. It was all about love, laughs, cozy moments in the enchant of one of the most incredible spots in Scotland, the Isle of Skye. A place Giulia and Fede confessed have been dreaming of since ever.


We drove together all the way down to Fairy Glen We were all completely blown away by the magical atmosphere of that day. When Giulia and Fede made their vows, it was like everything stopped for a moment. We couldn’t help to feel like we were part of something bigger. These two had the amazing idea of making their elopement last longer… Being both from the North of Italy, and great lovers of the Italian Alps, they shared the desire to go there a few days later. We’ve been going to the Dolomites for a long time (strongly believing they’re just one of the most wonderful places on earth) So, when they talked about it we were like WOW. Giulia and Fede’s plan was just freaking awesome!


So, it was a beautiful spring day to spend between San Martino di Castrozza and Passo Rolle mountains, with the most romantic sunset. BUT. We would have never imagined what was awaiting us. An unexpected storm made of fog and wind changed everything into a surreal scenario, filling their hearts with raw, new feelings. Even now, remembering that makes us feel so overwhelmed and thankful. Dearest G+F, we wish you all the best, looking forward to meeting up soon!

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A few days later on the Dolomites…

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Bridal dress by Rara Avis | Floral creations by The Floral Design Boutique

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  1. Your style is very unique in comparison to other folks
    I’ve read stuff from. Many thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess
    I’ll just bookmark this web site.

  2. This is seriously one of the most beautifully captured collections I’ve ever seen. From start to finish ‘m absolutely at a loss for words. You’ve knocked it well and truly out of park here. Impeccable visions gone into crafting these moments and I can only imagine how stoked they’d be to have these moments captured forever. What an experience.

  3. this is breathtaking..seriously i can’t stop staring at every photo and catching all the scenery and the details…what a beautiful country!!!

  4. I am undone, in the best of ways. I feel like I have fallen into the most sublime and surreal storybook dreamscape, and I do not want to return from it. Your work is absolutely gorgeous and the world is more beautiful, more full of love, and creativity because of it. I am so happy to have found you. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Oh wow, you just made me blush real hard! 🙂 Thank you for being so kind and thanks for the encouragement! It honestly means a lot, especially when it comes from someone like you. However, I’m actually just the prettier half, lol. My husband and I shoot together. He’s the one who discovered you and he’s the reason why we both now drool over your photos, haha. Keep on shining! You are undoubtedly unique.

  5. Your eyes are unrivaled. This story, I just can’t believe it’s beauty, it’s power, it’s abilites to transport me in the story. Just incredible you two. So much love.

  6. Guys, they are no words to describe how beautiful it is. You remember what that I told you? I always thought it and with this pics you just blow me away. Keep following your heart and vision because your are creating beautiful emotional stories for the couples in love of this planet. Xx

    1. You left us speechless dear Josèe. Thank you so much from the very bottom of our (now even faster beating) hearts!

    1. Ben, thank you so much for you words! It has been a great adventure indeed, filled with great feelings. Thanks for the love!


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