“Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.” This phrase was engraved on Lisa’s diary, the same one where she was writing the vows for her beloved one, Leo. In fact, the words on that cover were so perfect to describe their connection, to imagine the story that brought them there.

A few months ago, we met these two souls to capture an intimate elopement in a remote small town near Venice. Leo is a young and talented goldsmith – we were amazed by his mastery while creating a ring for Lisa, as a surprise for their elopement. He wanted to make something special for her, a unique piece.

On that day she was coming back home after a concert (Lisa is a brilliant violin player indeed) So we followed Leo to the train station to finally pick her after a few days separated. Once at home she couldn’t wait to play for Leo a new piece she composed during her trip on the way home. It has been simply mind-blowing.

Having this intimate elopement was such a special experience. Completely immersed in the things and the places you love the most. Lisa and Leo decided to dedicate it to themselves, celebrating their feelings while exchanging their vows in a secret and quiet bay.  The whole atmosphere was magical: the sound of water was like the sweetest lullaby, the last rays of sunlight slowly leaving their place to the shy moon. Everything was just in its right place…

Bridal dresses: Le fate di Milano


How is it that every single image is PACKED with intentionality and power? Bravo! The way your images inspire us to truly be intentional, focused, with passion… I’m speachless! Usually when I see wedding galleries, there are only a few images that stand out, yet every single time I’ve looked at your galleries, there are a PLETHORA of images that stand out. I’ve never even seen award winning films that do what you guys do. And at the end of the day, I’m so blessed to say that we are graced with the privilege of viewing your work in our lifetime. Thank you for these incredible experiences!

I couldnt come with better words, this is such a gorgeous cinematic set with each image more wonderful than the next,
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