Elopement in Venice: finding the right photographer to capture it

You might have decided to elope in Venice and treat yourself to an intimate celebration like Greta and Fabio did. Eloping is in fact often a choice based on a desire for comfort and true intimacy. This is the reason why finding the right photographer to capture your elopement in Venice is something quite important. We perfectly understand it can be some kind of overwhelming. So here we are, not only to capture memorable moments, and photos that will last forever in your heart. But also to support you in creating the best experience. Getting the chance to live an amazing moment of your life with your beloved partner.

As Mary Shelley wrote “There is something so different in Venice from any other place in the world, that you leave at once all accustomed habits and, everyday sights to enter an enchanted garden.”

On these inspiring words, let us take you through the magical day this lovely couple had at the end of last year. And get ready to admire one of the most picturesque and cinematic sunsets Venice has ever shown! The day with this lovely couple started in the most romantic way. While the sun was waking up the sleepy city, Fabio wrote a secret message in an origami he made himself for his beloved one, before she would have been awakened...

Venice view from the sea
Hanging clothes from balcony
San Marco square at sunset
Old building with windows
man looking at the window
hands holding a little book
man from behind walking in a room
man writing at a table
opened book on a table
hands close up writing
man sit writing
man in a living room thinking
close up of hands folding a piece of paper
man in the kitchen drinking
close up of hands holding a cup
man holding a cup
woman sleeping seen through a door
close up of a hand picking up an origami
woman reading in the bed
woman reading a piece of paper
woman from behind in a bed
reflection of a woman in a small mirror
close up of a dancer in a music box
woman writing sitting on the floor
close up of hands writing a diary
portrait of a woman biting her lips
close up of blue eyes

Your elopement day matters, make it exactly how you've been dreaming of it

These two just wanted to have a relaxing day walking around the unique city of Venice to capture beautiful moments and of course, the amazing city surroundings. But even before that, G+F were envisioning their day as a very meaningful one: they made sure they would have dedicated enough time just being together. They said there are never enough hours in the day to spend with each other. So what better chance to have a slow day, starting with some cosy moments at home? Maybe even just listening to their favorite music and dancing (literally like no one's watching!) with bare feet, in the middle of the house.

close up of framed leaves
couple listening to ear phones in a corridor
man portrait wearing ear phones
woman portrait wearing ear phones
couple listening to music
hands touching
couple touching hands
woman portrait smiling
woman dancing in a corridor
couple dancing
close up of a man kissing a woman
close up of a man kissing a woman
couple kissing reflected in a mirror
couple hugging reflected in a mirror
stairs illuminated
close up woman's shoulder kissed by a man
woman's shoulder kissed by a man
woman undressed hugging a man
portrait of a woman holding a man in her hands
woman's head kissed by a man
close up woman's head kissed by a man
couple kissing each other
couple's hug
man dressing up a woman
close up man dressing up a woman
close up of hands buttoning a dress
close up of hands buttoning a dress
woman looking at a man
woman kissing a man
wide shut woman kissing a man
shadow of a couple walking
a couple walking down the stairs
hands touching
a couple walking down the stairs

An intimate ceremony among Venice's canals

If you picture yourself exchanging your vows in the beautiful canals of Venice, as Great and Fabio did, we will organise your dream Venice elopement. And will create, for your ceremony, the most intimate atmosphere in a romantic spot of this wonderful city. G+F had an unforgettable and fun one in the middle of one of the canals. They wrote to each other some words that could finally share once alone. It's always so exciting to witness these kinds of moments between two souls in love.

venice canal view
venice canal view
gondola on the water
couple walking in venice streets
hands holding a book
venice canal with a couple
close up venice canal
bride hugs groom
bride crying in groom arms
bride hugs groom
bride caressing groom
couple laughing
black and white couple laughing
black and white couple laughing
couple in the middle of a canal in venice
woman touching a tie
woman holding a man face
couple exchanging vows
man crying in the arms of a woman
bride jumping
bride jumping and laughing
bride jumping and laughing

The Gondolas: Venice's quintessential symbol

The most iconic gondola ride can only be found in Venice, a timeless place that has inspired countless artists for centuries. A ride through these beautiful canals is an unforgettable experience for any couple looking for something special to do while being in this one-of-a-kind city. The canals were built to allow people to travel from one side of the city to the other without having to walk through its narrow streets. G+F had one of the most romantic rides on their gondola while the sun was painting the sky in the most spectacular pastel colors.

Grand Canal of Venice aerial view
Grand Canal of Venice aerial view with a gondola
Ponte di Rialto aerial view with a gondola
Couple kissing on a gondola
Couple on a gondola in Venice from distance
Couple on a gondola in Venice
Ponte di Rialto aerial view with a gondola
groom hugs the bride from behind
groom hugs the bride from behind near ponte di rialto venice

A cinematic venetian sunset

A cinematic Venetian sunset ended such an epic day filled with love. Right before the night arrived, we had the chance to fully enjoy the very last rays of light illuminating this unique scenario. We reached a spot overlooking the lagoon in order to get to best sunlight and have a fantastic view of the city. While the sun was glistening orange off the still water, we witnessed some of the most magical shows ever seen! So, well, even though sunsets from a gondola are something unique, Venice has definitely also many more places to loose yourself while watching the sunset.

boats at sunset
couple from behind
san marco view at sunset
couple hugging in venice at sunset
close up couple kissing at sunset in venice
close up couple kissing at sunset in venice
close up hands at sunset
woman kissed by a man at sunset
couple at sunset in venice
a couple facing venice at sunset
piazza san marco detail sunset
light bulb
couple walking at night in venice
close up couple at night in venice
ponte di rialto by night
woman reflection in a glass at night
couple at night in venice
close up couple at night in piazza san marco venice
aerial view grand canal venice at night

Venice perfect elopement package

An elopement in Venice is something you cannot forget for the rest of your life. The perfect elopement 'package' should always include these types of locations. We will never say enough times that Italy is a gorgeous country, and there are so many possibilities for places you can plan your elopement. Venice is def one of them! So, weddings, and elopements in Venice are some of the most enchanting ones. (This city is a perfect choice even for engagement photos!) So if you’re searching for a Venice elopement photographer we would absolutely love to hear your vision for the day and would be stoked to document it!


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