This is what we call a perfect, super inspiring California session, honestly
the best you could wish for.

It was a crazy hot day at the end of September, we woke up before the lazy sun rays started to color the beautiful San Francisco’s sky. What a great, crazy, diverse place where to shoot man! It was actually our second time in the States for an engagement shoot: this has been a very lucky chance to come back because of a call we got from this awesome couple. Ashley and Tyner, both from the west coast, have simply been some of the most fun people ever. Laughing and making jokes all day long is what we have been mostly doing. These guys could seriously be comedians.

We spent a little bit of quiet time walking together around the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoying a lazy afternoon. Then we experienced an amazing blue hour. All of a sudden, wow, we all were in a crazy cinematographic atmosphere. When we spoke with them via Skype, they were very excited while explaining us what they had in their mind: to go back exactly in the place where they first met a few years ago. Tyner said he was having a nice afternoon running session (he’s a great climber) while Ashley was there with her dog and a good old friend.

They said as soon as they noticed each other it was love at first sight! Wow guys, how romantic is that? These two are a true bomb and we couldn’t wish for more than capturing such a delightful engagement with stunning young & fun people. Right after this romantic, shared moments , we ended such a perfect day grabbing the most delicious fish-tacos in town. If going to Sanfra you definitey shouldn’t miss it.

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Giugno 10, 2018
So stunning!