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Start planning a wedding journey to Lake Como is effortlessly accessible, given its strategic location. Situated just 90 minutes north of Milan, it provides convenient proximity for those arriving internationally, whether by flights to Milan or a scenic drive from neighboring France and Switzerland. Lake Como, with its enchanting allure, is not only an ideal spot for a brief getaway but also the perfect canvas for your wedding ceremony. For couples traveling from distant corners of the globe, Lake Como serves as an idyllic starting point, allowing you to unwind, exchange vows, and seamlessly transition into a romantic honeymoon exploring other captivating Italian locales. The lake boasts an array of luxurious hotels and venues that set the stage for an unforgettable wedding ceremony against the backdrop of stunning scenery and natural beauty, complemented by the region's glamorous lifestyle. Lake Como beckons as an irresistible destination to get married for those seeking the epitome of romance and charm for their intimate celebration. With its effortless accessibility and stunning surroundings, Lake Como offers the perfect setting for a wedding journey. Whether you're arriving from Milan's bustling cityscape or embarking on a scenic drive through the picturesque landscapes of neighboring France and Switzerland, Lake Como welcomes you with open arms. As you exchange vows against the backdrop of its azure waters and majestic mountains, you'll be enveloped in an atmosphere of unparalleled romance.

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Natural Elegance: Embrace the natural beauty of Lake Como by incorporating organic elements into your decor. Think lush greenery, fragrant blooms to create an atmosphere of understated luxury. Classic Color Palette: Stick to a classic color palette inspired by the lake's surroundings, such as shades of soft blue greens, whites, and neutrals. These hues will complement the natural landscape and exude a sense of timeless charm.

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Como Lake packageS: the best tips for THE perfect plan

Indulge in the magic of intimacy and the cinematic beauty of your love story with "Our Italy Wedding and Elopement Packages." Picture a romantic escape, where every moment is a scene painted against the breathtaking backdrop of Italy's timeless landscapes. Our packages are meticulously crafted to transform your day into a cinematic experience, weaving together the charm of historic locales and the serenity of nature. Your dream of an intimate and cinematic experience in Italy becomes a reality. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the historic charm of quaint Italian villages or against the backdrop of verdant vineyards and rolling hills. Each package is thoughtfully curated to capture the essence of your love story, blending the allure of Italy's timeless landscapes with the magic of intimacy. From luxurious accommodations to personalized experiences, every detail is tailored to create memories that will last a lifetime. Embark on a romantic journey filled with enchantment and romance, where every moment is a work of art in your love story.


Imagine exchanging vows in the shadow of ancient architecture, the warm glow of the setting sun casting a golden hue over your union. Our curated packages offer more than just a celebration; they immerse you in the rich beauty of Italy's culture, providing an unforgettable canvas for your love story. Choose the magic of intimacy, where each detail is a frame in the cinematic masterpiece of your union, and let our experience turn your dream into a timeless reality.

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At the heart of our mission is the creation of a fully customized package designed to perfectly align with your unique desires and preferences. Our commitment to crafting a personalized journey means that any of our packages can be seamlessly tailored to meet your specific requests. Your enjoyment is of paramount importance to us, and our goal is to ensure that it is not only exciting and effortless but, above all, immensely pleasant. We take pride in curating a celebration that reflects your individuality and love story, making every moment memorable. Let us transform your dreams into reality by creating moments that resonates with your vision, creating an experience as special and unique as your love. After your intimate ceremony, Lake Como sets the stage for a seamless transition into a romantic honeymoon, where you can explore other enchanting Italian locales hand in hand. With its luxurious hotels, glamorous venues, and captivating charm, Lake Como beckons as an irresistible destination for couples seeking an unforgettable experience.

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Diving into the planning of your elopement brings a wave of excitement, especially when it comes to selecting your attire. The moment of saying 'yes' to the dress (or suit!) holds a special place in your memory. However, as you navigate the intricacies of elopement planning, what you originally envisioned for your attire might undergo unexpected shifts. While you may have a clear guide to your preferred style, the planning journey may unfold new and exciting possibilities, turning your initial concepts into a captivating reality. First things first, it's essential to narrow down the type of outfit that truly resonates with your vision. If the classic suit and gown appeal to you, go ahead and rock it!

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However, don't limit yourself to these traditional choices. In today's diverse landscape of elopement attire, there are countless amazing options to explore. Feel free to bid farewell to gender norms and shake off outdated wedding traditions. Embrace the freedom to choose an outfit that authentically represents you and your unique style on this special day. Whatever you ultimately decide for your special day, make sure it's the dress (or jumpsuit or attire) that resonates with your essence. Your elopement day is about feeling authentically beautiful (and comfortable), so feel empowered to break free from traditions and choose something that truly reflects YOU.

Here following some useful resources: Antropologie and Net-a-porter

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We understand the profound trust couples invest in us to immortalize their special moments, creating stunning photos and portraits in our distinctive The Ferros style. Stepping in front of a professional's lens can be a tad daunting, and we get that. That's why we get genuinely thrilled when couples choose us as their photographer. We believe in building a sincere relationship, ensuring they feel at ease and confident during our sessions.

Such was the case with this extraordinary couple who entrusted us to capture a shorter engagement session to be followed by their wedding against the stunning backdrop of Lake Como. Join us on a visual journey as we unveil the photographic treasures we crafted together! As we approach the weeks (and sometimes months) leading up to any portrait session, whether it's a comprehensive wedding day, a more focused engagement or elopement shoot, our commitment is to assist couples in preparing for their moment in front of our lens.

This involves a collaborative exploration of potential locations and the creative concepts we envision for their session. This thoughtful approach ensures an expansive range of visual aesthetics, offering couples a diverse and captivating final gallery that authentically captures the essence of their unique story.

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The decision to approach the ring exchange with a non-traditional mindset presents an array of possibilities. Some couples may choose to forgo this ritual entirely, embracing a wedding that aligns with their distinct vision. Others might envision a separate legal ceremony dedicated solely to the exchange of rings, allowing them to celebrate the legal and symbolic facets of their union in a distinctive manner. In this narrative of limitless possibilities, the rings emerge as tangible symbols of commitment, each carrying a unique story of love and union. As couples navigate the evolving landscape of elopements, the choice surrounding the exchange of rings becomes a deeply personal and intentional element, capturing the essence of their connection in a way that feels both meaningful and extraordinary.

This exploration of possibilities around the ring exchange underscores the essence of weddings —a deliberate and personal crafting of a ceremony that holds profound significance. Whether breaking away from traditions entirely or reimagining them in a novel light, couples shaping an experience that resonates authentically with their love story.

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When it comes to styling a wedding on Lake Como, elegance and sophistication are key. Here are some tips to achieve that timeless and romantic Como Lake style. From the majestic backdrop of the lake's azure waters to the lush greenery of the surrounding hills, let nature be your guide in selecting colors and textures that complement the breathtaking scenery. Incorporate elements of Italian craftsmanship, such as lace accents, delicate florals, and sleek, minimalist design, to evoke a sense of refined luxury. Consider incorporating touches of gold or silver to add a touch of opulence to your decor, while maintaining a sense of understated elegance. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on creating an atmosphere of effortless beauty, your wedding on Lake Como is sure to be an unforgettable celebration of love and sophistication.

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It's all about the Chic Italian Flair WHEN GETTING MARRIED IN COMO LAKE

Infuse your wedding with touches of Italian flair to pay homage to the region's rich culture and heritage. Let the shores of Como Lake be your backdrop as we paint a picture of romance and sophistication with an exquisite touch of Italian flair.

Luxurious Fabrics: Choose luxurious fabrics like silk, satin, and lace for your wedding attire and decor to evoke a sense of opulence befitting the grandeur of Lake Como. Flowing silhouettes, delicate embroidery, and intricate detailing will elevate the overall aesthetic and create a sense of romance.

Iconic Venues: Select a venue that showcases the beauty of Lake Como, such as a historic villa with panoramic views or a charming waterfront terrace. Let the stunning backdrop speak for itself and serve as the focal point of your celebration.

Attention to Detail: Pay attention to the finer details to ensure a cohesive and polished look. From custom stationery and personalized signage to elegant table settings and exquisite floral arrangements, every element should reflect your style and vision for the day.

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Planning the perfect party night for your wedding on Como Lake involves careful attention to detail and a blend of local charm with personal touches. Here are some tips! Starting with Live Music: Enhance the ambiance with live music, such as a classical quartet, a jazz band, or a traditional Italian folk ensemble. Consider incorporating local musicians to add an authentic touch to the entertainment. The melodic strains of Italian classics or the smooth sounds of jazz drifting across the waters of Como Lake will create an enchanting atmosphere that perfectly complements the beauty of the surroundings. Whether it's a serene serenade during cocktail hour or an energetic performance to keep guests on the dance floor all night long, live music adds a touch of sophistication and flair to your celebration.

Not to mention the importance of decor and lighting: embrace the romantic yet exciting atmosphere of Como Lake with soft lighting, floral arrangements inspired by the surrounding landscape, and elegant décor that reflects your personal style. Utilize candles, fairy lights, and lanterns to create a magical ambiance as the evening unfolds. However don't forget about the dance floor vibes that you want to incorporate for later!

Pro tip: offer your guests unexpected customized experiences, such as a sunset boat cruise on Como Lake, a gelato tasting station featuring local flavors, or a traditional Italian aperitivo hour with signature cocktails!

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