The story of two souls & their romantic adventure in the city of lovers.

Elisa and Matteo certainly believe in destiny now, as they found each other again after almost 20 years. They both used to go to the same school. Back then Elisa gave Matteo a special book, it was a secret box where they used to keep and exchange messages and scribbles – hidden from the other school mates’s eyes. Matteo’s passion for writing was one of the thing who completely conquered Elisa from the very beginning. “Every time, it was such a sweet wait, wondering which words he could have thought for me… (I have always knew he’d have became a famous writer, some day!) While I was trying to impress him with my funny doodles!” She happily confessed us.

For family reasons Elisa had to go back to Sweden, her home country; so they lost contact. A long time passed by before their lives could unexpectedly change for ever. She came back to Italy for the exhibition of her paintings, during a European tour – she became a super talented painter in the meanwhile. Matteo was working on his new book, when he read about the event. It was right in that moment, thinking of seeing Elisa again, that he realized how much his heart was still beating for her. So that day came. “It was like time stopped. He was standing there, in front of me. And for the first time, it seemed like he had lost all the words!” Elisa continued.

They decided to have their elopement in Verona, in the enchanting yet mysterious Giardino Giusti. Elisa and Matteo had an intimate ceremony while the whole town was immersing itself in the most romantic mist. The sun was setting, while they were about to read their vows. All of a sudden, Matteo pulled out the same book they used as their secret box! This time to reveal her a even more special gift… His grandma necklace “to be given to the woman of his life”. So he did. Capturing moments like these, that a couple will remember for the rest of their lives, is an emotion so hard to fully describe. We will never thank Elisa and Matteo enough to let us be part of it and proof us, once again, how many ways love has to find its path.

Bridal kimono & dress by Anna Fucà Atelier