In the heart of Italy, on the picturesque shores of Lake Como, lies a hidden gem that radiates romance and beauty Villa del Balbianello, one of the most refined venues for an intimate wedding. Only accessible by classic Italian wooden boats sits this is a grand villa built in the 18th century. If you're planning an intimate wedding in Lake Como, Ashley and Adrien's celebration will truly inspire you. The garden is a true masterpiece, in which every element is inspired by the lake itself, as its shores and the mesmerizing waters. The true gem and distinctive detail of this is the panoramic terraced garden, which is dominated by the elegant loggia. Exactly where A+A had their first look!


Getting ready at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo added an extra touch of elegance to Ashley and Adrien's day. This lovely couple, coming from Paris, enjoyed the luxury of preparing in two separate beautiful rooms at a five-star hotel it built in the Art Nouveau style in 1910. From its terraces you can admire and enjoy unique scenery as the most beautiful views on Lake Como. The incredible care to details, the antique objects, the art pieces, make this Grand Hotel on Lake Como shore an extraordinary, fascinating place. Following their preparations, Ashley and Adrien embarked on separate wooden boats, famous as the quintessential Italian transportation method on Lake Como, to reach their ceremony spot. By incorporating these classic boats into their day, they were able to further immerse themselves in the beauty of their Italian journey.


wide shot of grand hotel tremezzo
two boats on lake
entrance of grand hotel tremezzo
lake view from a window
details of a vase and polished balls
man touching head in front of window
man adjusting his tie
black and white photo of a pool table
groom wearing a white suit
groom portrait reflecting in a mirror
stylish groom in white suit
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man walking in a corridor in backlit
details of small statues
interior details of hotel
living room view from a door
bride sitting and spraying parfume
bride portrait in a dark room
backlit portrait of a bride


Who hasn't dreamed of their wedding day and the perfect bridal dress? It symbolizes the realization of a vision and holds immense significance. For many brides, it's also a statement piece that makes them feel truly special on such a momentous occasion. Ashley opted for an elegant and timeless gown that accentuated her beauty, leaving everyone in awe. With a stunning, long veil to complement it, her choice was absolutely perfect for the majestic venue of Lake Como. She truly left her handsome groom speechless with her captivating appearance.

Ashley had the pleasure of wearing not just one, but two stunning dresses, each embodying a different aspect of her unique personality and style.

As the day transitioned into the evening, she made a fashion-forward statement with her second dress indeed. A sparkling, more fashionista kind of thing which completely conquered the scene! It literally looked like coming out of a Vogue editorial. Both dresses allowed to fully express herself on this momentous day. The elegance of the first gown honored tradition and timeless beauty, while the fashion-forward second dress embraced innovation as well as Ashley's individuality. The careful selection of these two distinct dresses showcased not only her impeccable taste but also her willingness to embrace different styles to create a truly memorable and dynamic bridal look.

bride on the stairs from above
portrait of a bride in balck and white on the stairs
villa del balbianello view from a boat
bride on a boat
black and white portrait of a bride on a boat
view on como lake from a boat


It's no surprise that the cinematic charm of Villa del Balbianello has attracted the attention of Hollywood. Not only was it featured in Star Wars, but it also served as the backdrop for some scenes in the 2006 movie Casino Royale, directed by Martin Campbell and starring Daniel Craig as the iconic James Bond. This stunning location has witnessed numerous captivating moments on the silver screen. With so many breathtaking wedding venues in the area, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one. That's why we've created the ultimate Lake Como elopement guide, featuring a curated selection of venues for you to explore and consider for your special day.

large view of villa del balbianello
groom on villa del balbianello terrace
groom closer shot on villa del balbianello terrace
bride touching groom shoulder
bride and groom first look details
bride and groom kissing close up
couple walking on villa del balbianello terrace
groom kissing groom head while hugging her
wide shot of a couple on a terrace under the tree
elegant couple shots in black and white
wedding couple walking in villa del balbianello
wide shot couple walking in villa del balbianello
black and white couple walking in villa del balbianello


In recent times, wedding ceremonies have undergone a transformation, embracing a more personal, romantic, and non-traditional approach. Couples are seeking unique experiences that break free from convention, and a destination wedding at Villa del Balbianello, just like Ashley and Adrien chose, perfectly embodies this spirit of adventure and a quest for genuine emotions.

Within the stunning grounds of this wedding venue, every corner exudes scenic beauty, from the meticulously maintained gardens to the various rooftop terraces that offer breathtaking views of Lake Como's rolling hills. Amongst these captivating settings, Ashley and Adrien chose the most iconic spot within the villa for their ceremony. Under the enchanting loggia adorned with sprawling ivy and majestic archways, they exchanged their heartfelt vows, framed by the picturesque backdrop of Lake Como.

This choice allowed them to create a truly memorable and romantic atmosphere, capturing the essence of their love against the backdrop of one of the world's most mesmerizing landscapes. It was a moment that epitomized their desire to embrace the unconventional and embark on a journey filled with extraordinary moments.

A destination wedding at Villa del Balbianello offers couples an opportunity to weave their own unique love story into the fabric of an already magical setting. It provides an idyllic canvas for couples to express their love, individuality, and adventurous spirit while immersing themselves in the pure beauty of Lake Como.

wedding ceremony on villa del balbianello terrace
bride looking emotional during ceremony
bride and groom looking emotional during ceremony
groom reading his vows close up
groom reading his vows close up in black and white
bride portrait crying
bride crying touching groom shoulder
couple while reading their vows
large shot of a wedding ceremony in como lake
bride reading her vows
bride putting the ring on the groom's finger
newly married couple kissing
wide shot on villa del balbianello with a couple
wide shot on villa del balbianello from the side


Experiencing the beauty and magic of Lake Como alongside Ashley and Adrien filled our hearts with gratitude and a deep sense of connection. We were incredibly moved when they reached out to us after receiving their wedding photo gallery, expressing their genuine appreciation and satisfaction. Their heartfelt message touched us deeply.

The sweetest surprise awaited us in their message, as they shared their thoughts with such warmth and enthusiasm.

"From the moment we saw Nico and Vinx's work, we knew they were the perfect fit for our style and aesthetic. Working with both Nico and Vinx was an absolute pleasure. Not only are they a beautiful couple, but their passion for their craft shines through in every interaction. Their incredible attention to detail and composition resulted in unbelievably beautiful photos that exceeded our expectations. We cannot recommend them highly enough as your elopement photographers!"

Such kind words from Ashley and Adrien reaffirmed our commitment and love for what we do. Knowing that our work resonated with them on a deep level and captured the essence of their special day fills us with joy and a profound sense of fulfillment. It is through such meaningful connections that we find inspiration to continue telling love stories through our vision.

We are immensely grateful to Ashley and Adrien for allowing us to be part of their journey, and their testimonial serves as a reminder of the profound impact that our work can have on the lives of couples. It is a privilege to witness and capture the love and emotions that unfold during such precious moments, and we are honored to have created timeless memories for them to cherish forever.

a couple on a boat details
couple kissing on a boat in black and white
couple kissing on a boat in black
couple portrait on a boat in black and white
bride and groom on an elegant boat on como lake
bride and groom on a boat ride
couple walking on a bridge
couple kissing next to a boat
elegant couple walking near a pier
couple kissing next to a boat in black and white
groom and bride laughing in black and white
couple crossing the road
interiors of grand hotel tremezzo entrance
bride and groom climbing the stairs hand in hand
garden of grand hotel tremezzo detail
garden of grand hotel tremezzo
emotional bride touching her chest


Every aspect of Ashley and Adrien's intimate wedding was thoughtfully curated, resulting in a truly unique and unforgettable celebration. The incredible florals and setup by Italian Wedding Events played a significant role in creating an atmosphere of pure enchantment. It was a harmonious symphony of delicate colors that permeated the air, adding an ethereal touch to the entire affair.

A+A made a deliberate choice to embrace a pastel color palette, utilizing a rich mix of seasonal flowers. The result was a stunning display of lush blooms, meticulously arranged to adorn one of the most romantic terraces at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. The natural elegance and beauty of the setting were further enhanced by the presence of roses and peonies, their velvety petals creating a sensory feast for all. The air was filled with the fragrance of these exquisite flowers, infusing every moment with an extra layer of romance.

From the moment Ashley held her bouquet, to the carefully styled reception table, each floral element resembled a brushstroke from a breathtaking painting. The attention to detail was evident in every piece, as if they were carefully curated works of art. Ashley and Adrien's intimate wedding was a masterpiece in its own right, woven together with the threads of love, creativity, and an eye for exquisite details.

wedding table decorations details
bride and groom kissing next to the table


What a truly remarkable day it has been! From the momentous occasion at Villa del Balbianello to the intimate celebration on the scenic shores of Lake Como, the entire experience has been nothing short of magical. Inspired by the tender exchange of vows to the joyful celebration with your loved ones, we will be there to document each heartfelt moment with meticulous attention to detail. Our goal is to create a visual narrative that encapsulates the raw emotions and intimate connection shared between you and your partner.

Lake Como promises an enchanting experience like no other, leaving an indelible mark on your heart. Its serene beauty, combined with the warmth of the local culture, creates an ambiance that is both captivating and timeless. Whether you envision an intimate elopement or a romantic wedding celebration, this destination offers a wealth of possibilities to create an experience that is uniquely yours.

If you would like to know more about our services or discuss your vision for your special day, we invite you to get in touch with us. We are passionate about capturing the beauty of your love story against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Como and look forward to being part of your unforgettable journey. If you would like to know more, get in touch here

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