Lake Como engagement. This is the story of two wild souls and their passion for living life to the fullest. Vanessa and Tommy are constantly traveling Italy and the world for work, and this is one of the million things they have in common but also one of the reasons why they’re often apart. So they are always looking for chances to spend more time together. Taking unknown paths, discovering new places, exploring nature, making experiences, is what they love doing. So this is what we did together. And we actually had the best time ever!


Meeting Vanessa and Tommy at the hotel where they were staying has been a great chance to spend some quiet time together (Basically right before getting ready for a more adventurous excursion near Lake Como!) Once there, we took the advantage of such a beautiful day to explore the area even more. We actually met waterfalls that created the most magical atmosphere indeed. (Honestly, we truly love this place. It’s filled with kilometers and kilometers of quiet beaches, scenic coasts, enchanting villas such as Villa del Balbianello, Villa Cipressi, and many more to choose from for your elopement, wedding, or engagement session)


Days like these, telling stories like the one of Vanessa and Tommy, are definitely one of the most precious gifts to treasure. Our goal, as engagement photographers in Italy, is in fact to capture them for those days when you’ll feel like remembering how it felt…


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