This wedding in Lake Como features two beautiful souls, Laura and Joaquin who are also a couple of talented influencers and artists. Laura and Joaquin's idea was to have a very private event to celebrate their love and commitment to each other on an early winter day. Both into Art and travel, these two are deeply in love with their beautiful home country, Italy. So even though they thought of having a small escape for this occasion, they opted for the enchanting surrounding of the Como Lake area.


It all started in the late morning. During their getting ready, we noticed that Joaquin, being also a paint artist, was sketching a portrait of Laura. On the portrait, he drew a red scarf around her neck.... A detail that actually caught our attention. He secretly explained to us that Laura was profoundly attached to that vintage red scarf (which once belonged to her grandmother.) Unfortunately, she thought she lost it during one of her work travels. But. Joaquin finally found it and wanted to surprise her on their special day! We honestly just fell in love with such a romantic idea. And couldn't wait to see her reaction later on. Later we went out for a peaceful and romantic walk at Giardini di Villa Melzi. One of the most enchanting venues for intimate and exclusive wedding. Being in early winter the foliage was showing off with all its incredible red shades. Perfectly in contrast with the blue of the lake surroundings.


A wedding in Como Lake can be easily described as a mix between romanticism and glamour. Talking about this couple’s flawless styling, Laura explained that it was inspired by “those old Italian movies”. Her gown was a vintage champagne silk dress. “I loved the simplicity of its lines and the particular sleeves. I thought it would have perfectly matched the architecture of the Como Lake villas. Plus its texture reminded me of the lake's ripples!" About her groom she said "I was speechless when I saw Joaquin in his tuxedo. It made him look so handsome and classy. He's been my James Bond for a day!” Laura explained, still with a dreamy smile on her face. We honestly loved the whole experience because it was very personal, meaningful for us and so intimate. We would do it over and over again! And would def suggest it to any couples who are looking for something more exclusive and elegant. We had a whole day in those places we've always dreamt of!”


One of the most intense moments of the day was the exchange of their vows. The sun was slowly going behind the mountains, letting its golden rays filter into the sky finally going to bed. And the city lights were starting to turn on, and it all became even more dreamy! We were blessed with such a magical light, perfect weather, teary smiles and the cinematic wonder of Lake Como. Here, Laura and Joaquin had a very special moment for them. And couldn't help to shed some happy tears too! Such an unforgettable scene, really. 

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