Where the difference between who we are
and who we want to be is sometimes tragically unbridgeable.

During a trip of ours in Los Angeles we immediately felt inspired by such a wild metropolis, a place where angels and demons, dreams and fears are easily mixed up, a land of movies and stars and magic. In those days we  were also watching a lot of movies shot there. And, all of sudden, we realize we could actually be in one of them, transforming that place into a personal, imaginary film set. From that moment we started living the city differently. We only aimed to capture slices-of-life in LA, while being in a sort of parallel world made by our visions.

We weren’t anymore ourselves but directors of a never-existed movie. We tried to tread a line between beauty and horror, lights and shadows, touring (possibly not at night!) the dark side of such an incredible location. Small, dark rooms with heavy curtains revealed meditative atmospheres. As well as burnt mornings on the beach or nocturnal landscapes with neon lights glowing in the dark. This became a set where space was not only a physical presence but a land of imagination. A state of mind, made of darkness, absolution and hallucinatory feelings.

We wandered on foot through parts of LA, such as Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Beach and Pier. Some of the resulted shots were candid while a few others came out from some engagement with our subjects. In case you’re planning to go there, do it, this city is definitely a must-see. It truly has a lot to offer. We promise it’s not only about creepy or Hollywoodian stuff, instead there’s seriously a lot to do and to enjoy.


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