There is a day when you wake up & cannot help start thinking “What I am really doing? Am I happy? What is stopping me by pursuing my dreams?” This is exactly what happened to the two of us not a long time ago. We had to admit to ourselves that, somehow, we had to change our path. We had to go back doing what we love doing, to have a very good reason to stay awake until late, to work hard on something worth it. So, when that ‘call’ arrived, we couldn’t ignore it anymore. At that point we finally saw what we were defining as “lack of time and energy to do better” for what they truly were… which was “excuses”. Excuses not to believe in our wills again.

Yes. It takes courage to start all over again. How can we lie about it? When most of your friends are settling down, you are deciding to start. All. Over. Again. In addition we thought that to kick-off your business in an already-full-of-amazing-talents wedding industry was just crazy. This rational consideration could have made us quit from day one. So we just didn’t listen to it, focusing on our passion & letting our intuitions do the rest. Here we are today.

This post was to honor and share our incredible joy for being named among the thirty 2018 Wedding photography Rising Star for WPPI, but while we were writing it we also felt the need to say something more about how it all started. What has been (and is) behind this moment. We wanted to share a hopefully useful message for those who are reading. Don’t be afraid to change for better – even when the whole world seems running in the opposite direction.

Although we’re completely overwhelmed and will never find enough words to say how grateful we are, a big thanks goes to A-L-L who have contributed to accomplishing such an important step for us. All of our couples and the people we have been so lucky to meet & be inspired by, all of our friends and family who trusted us together with our crazy decisions and, last but not least, the vision, sensitivity and professionalism of all the Rangefinder’s judges. Thank you guys not only for seeing in our work something special, but to have given us – now – the waited sign that we did right trusting ourselves, answering that ‘call’ on that day!



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