Being in such an unprecedented moment in history, most of the couples had to replan wedding during Covid 19.

Reframing your wedding turning it into an elopement could be THE idea. So we, as wedding and elopement photographers, have tried to think about how we could effectively help couples willing to get married in such hard times with some truly useful insights (coming both from our experience as elopement photographers as well as from our couples - who has eloped back then) We have asked these lovely and generous people to talk about the reasons why eloping has better embodied their idea of “getting married”. The answers and content coming out from these heart-to-heart conversations lead to very interesting insights. We hope they can be handy and encouraging for whoever is looking for some inspiration (and good vibes!)


“Eloping really brings it back to the deepest meaning of getting married. It allowed us to be in the moment and completely focus on each other while removing the stress of worrying about guests or plans. We wanted to reach a place where we would have never been before. It had to be somewhere wild. So we asked for some suggestions from our photographers and shared with them the fact that we’ve always wanted to go to the Isle of Skye." ~ Giulia & Fede

Yes! Elopements create an incredibly magical, intimate way for couples to make their wildest and most romantic dreams about their wedding day come true. No regrets & no pressure – just two people committing their lives to each other. Given that Covid hard reality, it’s in fact so refreshing and inspiring to see a new wedding model take hold, one that doesn’t try to pretend the world is the same as it used to be. Quarantines and travel restrictions are becoming commonplace in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus, so if you’re planning a destination wedding, minimize any complications that may pop up by keeping tabs on what’s happening in the area you’ll be travelling to. But also, remember that your photographer can be a great resource of knowledge, especially when it comes to locations and logistics.

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“Going for an elopement meant we could put more of our budget and meaning into personal details. We felt so comfortable and in safe hands from the very beginning. When we've reached out to our photographers, they basically did the whole planning for us.” ~ Alexandra & Leif 

So true. Not having a traditional wedding venue, for example, can greatly reduce the cost of your wedding, and planning an elopement is one way to avoid booking a more traditional space. When eloping the planning part is really reduced to much less stuff (and you can rely on your photographer for most of them as timeline, vendors, locations) So you can finally focus on the experience, rather than anything else. Additionally, remember to reach out to your photographer, know that they have your back, all we want as vendors are you to have your elopement & celebrations as you've always imagined it.  Elopement photographers do so much more than just take pictures. Since planning an elopement is a completely different experience than a wedding, we are the experts and are with you both throughout the whole process.

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“We have always known that Val D’Orcia in Tuscany was the place where to exchange our vows. That is where we first met & had a special meaning for us and nobody else, really. Being surrounded by nature was just the perfect scenario for our elopement. Plus its low maintenance!” ~ Martine & Rio

The greatest benefit of eloping is that it offers complete freedom. When it’s just the two of you, you aren’t limited to venues based on guest capacity. You can rethink your research for a location from looking for an “epic venue” to chasing some incredible memories. Across every country, there are a variety of hidden gems that offer up lush green spaces, or the golden countryside, dramatic mountains, elements that make perfect backdrops for shoots set in nature. It really depends on how you have envisioned where your day should happen. Once you've decided where you want to go, and the feel you want from your elopement, you can start building a plan from there.

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“Exchanging vows our way was the most emotional part of the whole thing. Being just the two of us it allowed us to live this private moment to the fullest (Writing  'em down has been such an overwhelming thing to do... but it was so worth it!)” ~ Elisa & Matteo

Just because you don't have hundreds of guests to wine, dine and entertain doesn't mean your elopement shouldn't be special. As a matter of fact, elopement gives way to lots of meaningful moments. The most of which... your actual ceremony. Think about ways to bring personal touches to your vows, taking this moment as a chance to show all of the unsaid things to your other half.  This really is a celebration of your beautiful relationship. No matter what comes along, you’ll always have each other! 3 golden tips for you: 1. Don't wait until the last minute (you'll be thankful for the rehearsal when those butterflies in the stomach kick in) 2. Get inspired with songs, movies, and poems (if you have a favourite line from a movie or song that expresses your feelings, use it as a starting point.) 3. Keep the vows a secret from your partner until the ceremony (your vows are kind of a gift to one another, so don't share them ahead of time!)

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“The idea to elope was the most simple & natural decision we could make for our love. Coming from two different sides of the world with months turned into years waiting for each other, we simply couldn’t go one more day without being together.” ~ Lindsey & Alberto 

Time is gold, especially when it comes to love. If you are facing a hard time being together, eloping is the greatest idea to make things happen in a shorter time as well. It is all about feelings and finally making your dream come true. You surely deserve a celebration free of complications, anxieties and stress. Where you and your partner can completely and finally be yourselves.

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“I fell in love with the dress I've chosen for our elopement. It is not actually a wedding dress but I loved the idea of completing such a personal experience with an outfit that was a bit out of the ordinary too.” ~ Chiara & Nicola

Freedom means choosing exactly what you like and what makes you feel both beautiful and at ease. Even when it comes to the outfit! Elopements are just incredible for the endless possibilities they allow. Going for a less traditional wedding gown would totally makes sense, but on the other way round – finally having the chance to wear that dreamy wedding dress is a possibility too. It all depends on how you want it! Have some fun with your look and make sure you feel incredible on your wedding day, even if you're only dressing up for yourself and your other half.

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