The story between Flaminia and Andrea takes to a world to be discovered, literally.

When they contacted us and told their story, we were fascinated listening to

a story made of distances, waits... promises.

Their relationship, so strong, has managed to erase every barrier, even venturing towards unknown destinations like when Flaminia had to leave the other side of the world to move to Italy for Andrea.

Coming from different worlds, they found their ways to overcome the fear of not finding each other or of even not understanding each other.

So thanks to Flaminia and Andrea we were able to rediscover the beauty and mystery of what is unknown. The bittersweet taste when you have to

wait for your beloved one. The courage to believe in feelings, always.

The amazement they give us when they reveal new sides of ourselves.


Because we strongly believe into the wonder of human relationships, the connection with you will be an incredible source of inspiration to us. It will allow to document your day, capturing all the emotions, to create one-of-a-kind and timeless moments, be it an intimate elopement, a refined wedding, a destination wedding, a romantic couple shoot.

We're so glad you are here, thinking of us as part of your day. We got married a few years ago and our wedding was definitely one of the best days of our life. So we deeply understand how you are feeling and how much important is every detail and choice for your wedding. Find out more about the different kinds of services at your disposal, there's certainly one matching your needs.




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