Angela and Tim

When we had our first conversation with them to explore the options, that’s when we knew deep down they were indeed the ones for us. They completely understood and respected that our wedding was a sacred event for us, and that we were worried about how the photography could potentially affect the special moments and the feeling of the day – even though we had no doubt about their technical ability. When we spoke openly about our anxiety they managed to reassure us that capturing the most special moments without affecting them was their speciality: they described themselves as “like ninjas with a camera”… And this is exactly how it was.

On our wedding day they were incredibly discreet and respectful, whilst capturing the most special moments that really will live with us forever. Their listening to us and our hopes, their attentiveness, their preparation, as well as their dedication and commitment to their own creative standards – all these things have contributed towards a truly spectacular record of our most favourite day. Since then on more than one occasion when we have shown the set of photos to our guests who were there, people have had tears in their eyes, as if they were re-living it again. On another occasion we were able to share the photos with someone who could not be at the wedding – they too had tears in their eyes and said they felt overwhelmed by the sheer beauty. They said they could feel what it was like to be there and I believe this is the greatest compliment that could be paid to your mastery. Nico and Vinx, we are so grateful we met you – thank you for agreeing to work with us and thank you for choosing Scotland!