Joy and James

When I started looking for photographers for our wedding, I knew it was going to be a lengthy hunt because I was looking for something different than the typical, pretty, perfectly nice wedding photos. I wanted to find someone with an artistic point of view, that directed and produced a whole album of dramatic, beautiful photos, even with the candid moments.  As someone who isn’t really a romantic, or comfortable being the center of attention, particularly in front of a camera, I certainly wasn’t going to be able to produce that result without a lot of help.  When I stumbled across the Ferros’ Instagram page, I knew I found something special (I can’t even remember how I did, but I thank my lucky stars).

When they arrived in California the week of the wedding, their commitment to their craft was obvious. Just off the plane, they immediately started scouting locations for our pre-wedding couple’s photo session (which I highly recommend). Over the next several days, I had the opportunity to get to know Nico and Vinx and they are just lovely human beings: kind, patient, down-to-earth, genuinely interested in knowing about the people they will be capturing, and fun to be around.

They made two regular, more-silly-than-romantic, people look pretty incredible in both our couple’s and wedding photos and they captured all the fleeting, little moments so well. They truly deserve all the recognition they have received and more. I’m already scheming up future plans for a babymoon in Italy (or wherever they might be), if they’ll grace us with their talent again.