Xiuyuan and Shiwei

We’ve been looking for wedding photographer for over a year and the Ferros is undoubtedly the best decision we’ve made. We first saw the work of Nico and Vinx on a wedding photography magazine and we were totally blown out and we know immediately that this is what we are looking for. Before the shooting day, Nico and Vinx gave us many suggestions on what to wear, how to do hairs etc. And most importantly, just relax and be ourselves. The whole experience of the photo session is way better than we ever could imagined. We didn’t have any previous photo experiences so we started off a bit nervous, not sure whether we’d be comfortable in front of the camera. However, it didn’t even became a problem for we were so enjoying the relaxing yet adventurous vibe of the whole journey.

The shooting day started with a morning session in a hidden wonderland in the mountains of Scotland. The afternoon sessions were an indoor preparation shooting and ended up with another two outdoor session. Nico and Vinx had scouted several days ahead for us to make sure that every place we went were just perfect, they also prepared some secret scenarios for us to sink in the proper role. It’s incredible that they can remember so many places that’s not on the map, a single turn may lead us to a forest of fairy tales, a short hike may bring us to mountain peak. And we are so grateful for all the preparation they did for us.What impressed us the most is their professionalism and kindness. We would highly recommend them to all of you!

Fun facts:
⁃ Believe in Nico and Vinx, we never know we look this good.
⁃ Vinx is a walking GPS and has amazing jokes, ask him about the party van.
⁃ Nico is super lovely, she is the essential asset of the team.
⁃ They both have sexy accent.
⁃ Their gear is incredibly stylish.