Alexandra and Leif

We cannot describe all the feelings we had when we saw the pictures for the first time. They literally made our hearts race! The whole experience with Nico and Vinx has been such an incredible journey, we will never forget those days spent together. Every time we go back to the images we've created together, we can't help to cry... They're certainly more than "images",  it's the story we will be able to tell to our children and to those who matter in our life.

Elisa and Matteo

Living a dream is what happened when we had a look through all of our images taken with Nico and Vinx. Our story told by their vision left us speechless and overwhelmed. They took time to listen to us and it created a safe space for us to feel connected and completely at our ease. When Nico and Vinx showed us the gallery we were literally in tears.

Giulia and Fede

Nico and Vinx are amazing professionals but also super humble human beings. They have been always supportive and gave us the opportunity to enjoy even more our wedding making us feel understood, always at our ease. It was so easy and fun too to share ideas, feelings with them. They literally made us live a dream! The photos are absolutely amazing, they’ve managed to capture our feelings like we couldn’t even imagine. Looking back at them it's like we're living those emotions for one more time. Fede and I would highly recommend Nico and Vinx, not only for their super talent but for their warm and laid back personalities.

Lindsey and Alberto

When we first discovered the Ferros, we fell in love with their ability to capture mysterious, enchanting, cinematic romance. Their version of poetry. Nico & Vinx are beyond the ordinary, and the most sincere couple imaginable. Their vision with nature is so naturally mesmerizing, in the truest form of art. So when they told us to jump in a lake, gown and all… we thought nothing more than to trust their process, knowing they would be some of our favorite moments captured. Twisted tree roots, bundled up branches, muted moody color tones, ridged mountains, and of course… the misty clouds that follow wherever they go. They find the imperfections of nature and blend the human art forms to create the most unexpected sceneries, full of magic. Nico & Vinx have become friends we’ll forever cherish. We are so thankful for the memories, a dream come true…

Erika and Beni

It’s really funny because now it’s like Nico and Vinx are more than just our photographers. They’re our friends for life and we believe this was meant to be. They showed us amazing spots we could have never imagined, they made us feel like we knew each other since ever. So, when our photos were ready and they sent us a message, we literally were over the moon!  They are a gift we’ll treasure for the rest of our life and be grateful forever and more! If you are thinking of getting married or having some pictures to capture your story (and these two are available) we will never say enough times how worth it would be.

Sarah and Monica

We are both very private people, sharing those special moments with the two of them (Nico and Vinx) and trusting their professional judgement, created some awesome results. We will never thank The Ferros enough for being there to preserve our memories, it truly means the world to us now. Every time we go back to our album we feel so grateful. "Thank you so much for everything you did for us at our wedding guys!" Nico and Vinx were an incredible source of knowledge and fun on the day and events leading up to the wedding. Not to mention the incredible, set of photos they have provided.

Joy and James

When I started looking for photographers for our wedding, I knew it was going to be a lengthy hunt because I was looking for something different than the typical, pretty, perfectly nice wedding photos. We wanted to find someone with an artistic point of view, that directed and produced a whole album of dramatic, beautiful photos, even with the candid moments. As someone who isn’t really a romantic, or comfortable being the center of attention, particularly in front of a camera, I certainly wasn’t going to be able to produce that result without a lot of help. When I stumbled across the Ferros’ Instagram page, I knew I found something special (I can’t even remember how I did, but I thank my lucky stars). When we finally met them we had the opportunity to get to know Nico and Vinx and they are just lovely human beings: kind, patient, down-to-earth, genuinely interested in knowing about the people they will be capturing, and fun to be around. They made two regular, more-silly-than-romantic, people look pretty incredible in both our couple’s and wedding photos and they captured all the fleeting, little moments so well. They truly deserve all the recognition they have received and more. I’m already scheming up future plans for a baby-moon in Italy (or wherever they might be), if they’ll grace us with their talent again.

Jennifer and Martin

When we began looking for wedding photographers we knew we weren't looking for your typical cookie cutter style, we wanted creative images we could use in our home in place of art. This was surprisingly difficult to find, however The Ferros exceeded our expectations with this. I have had many people tell me they have "never seen wedding pictures like that" when we have shared our albums with them. The images are beautiful and real, something we will treasure forever. Not only are the Ferros creative and talented, but Nico and Vinx are wonderful caring people - they take getting your perfect images very seriously and and with great passion. We are forever grateful to have these memories to look back on. We can't recommend The Ferros enough and if we could have them capture every special moment of our lives we would!

Crystal and Travis

There are too many ways to describe how amazing the experience was with the Ferros, but we will settle for the following: professional, fun, and incredibly worth it. From the moment we reached out via email to receiving the gorgeous final pictures, the Ferros have been nothing but kind and patient. We had a blast during our shoot and it is something we will remember forever. Nico & Vinx definitely knew the territory and all the best spots for epic, fairytale-esque pictures. We were in good hands. Our photos were everything we hoped they would be but even better. The Ferros are able to capture what we felt and showcase it in a tasteful, beautiful, artistic way. If you’re thinking about booking a photo shoot, don’t even hesitate! Hands down the best photographers ever. Will be going to them again for all our photography needs.

Xiuyuan and Shiwei

We’ve been looking for wedding photographer for over a year and the Ferros is undoubtedly the best decision we’ve made. We first saw the work of Nico and Vinx on a wedding photography magazine and we were totally blown out and we know immediately that this is what we are looking for. Before the shooting day, Nico and Vinx gave us many suggestions. The whole experience of the photo session is way better than we ever could imagined. We didn’t have any previous photo experiences so we started off a bit nervous, not sure whether we’d be comfortable in front of the camera. However, it didn’t even became a problem for we were so enjoying the relaxing yet adventurous vibe of the whole journey. The shooting day started with a morning session in a hidden wonderland in the mountains of Scotland. The afternoon sessions were an indoor preparation shooting and ended up with another two outdoor session. Nico and Vinx had scouted several days ahead for us to make sure that every place we went were just perfect, they also prepared some secret scenarios for us to sink in the proper role. It’s incredible that they can remember so many places that’s not on the map, a single turn may lead us to a forest of fairy tales, a short hike may bring us to mountain peak. And we are so grateful for all the preparation they did for us.What impressed us the most is their professionalism and kindness. We would highly recommend them to all of you!

Angela and Tim

When we had our first conversation with them to explore the options, that’s when we knew deep down they were indeed the ones for us. They completely understood and respected that our wedding was a sacred event for us, and that we were worried about how the photography could potentially affect the special moments and the feeling of the day - even though we had no doubt about their technical ability. When we spoke openly about our anxiety they managed to reassure us that capturing the most special moments without affecting them was their speciality. On our wedding day they were incredibly discreet and respectful, whilst capturing the most special moments that really will live with us forever. Their listening to us and our hopes, their attentiveness, their preparation, as well as their dedication and commitment to their own creative standards - all these things have contributed towards a truly spectacular record of our most favourite day. Since then on more than one occasion when we have shown the set of photos to our guests who were there, people have had tears in their eyes, as if they were re-living it again. On another occasion we were able to share the photos with someone who could not be at the wedding - they too had tears in their eyes and said they felt overwhelmed by the sheer beauty. They said they could feel what it was like to be there and I believe this is the greatest compliment that could be paid to your mastery. Nico and Vinx, we are so grateful we met you - thank you for agreeing to work with us and thank you for choosing Scotland!

Aaron and Stephen

We were so lucky to find such a wonderful team in the Ferros to photograph our wedding. They captured our day perfectly and incredibly artistically as well as putting us both at complete ease, allowing us to enjoy the day. So many of our guest commented on how wonderful they were and how they felt like part of the family. We also spent some additional time with them the week following our wedding to capture some additional moments which was such a blessing as it captured even more fantastic moments. The results – a remarkable and timeless set of photos which bring back the joy and excitement of the day every time we look at them. A set of photos which captured the celebration so vividly and with such depth of storytelling that we truly couldn’t have asked for more!

Alma and David

We feel so fortunate to have had Nico & Vinx capture our elopement on the magical Isle of Skye. Not only are they extremely talented artists, but they are one of the funniest and most down to earth couples we've ever met, and they made us feel so at ease right from our initial contact via email, to our friendly Skype chat, and ultimately to the actual fun-filled photo session! We appreciated the fact that Nico & Vinx were in love with Scotland's beautifully rugged landscape as much as we were, and that they were able to capture it so dramatically in all our photos. We couldn't be any happier with our stunning photos and the actual experience of sharing our special day with these two amazing artists!

Euan and Rachael

We chose the Ferros for our wedding based on some recommendations we’d received, as well as seeing their amazing pictures online. We were keen to have wedding photos that were creative and artistic, as well as capturing the amazing scenery of our wedding venue (a remote spot on the banks of Loch Fyne). In the morning of the wedding, Nico and Vinx did a photo shoot for each of us getting ready. The pictures of Rachael in her dress are stunning, Nico and Vinx are true perfectionists and make sure they get the right shots. After the service we went away to a quiet spot in the woods near the venue to take some couples shots. They were so creative in the way they set up the pictures and the range of poses we did – the results were some truly wonderful photos of us that’ll we’ll treasure forever. Throughout the day they also captured some amazing photos of people's emotions and reactions. We loved the shots of people's expressions during the speeches, lots of tears and laughter. Another amazing shot is the reaction of Rachael’s Dad, seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. These moments in life pass by in a flash and we only get them once – having Nico and Vinx on the ball for the whole day to make sure these moments are captured means we have a momento to look back on forever. Not only that, but the quality of photos and artistic touch that they have is outstanding. We’re so glad we chose them to document our day, I would recommend them to anyone.

Kasia and Magnus

Sensitive, genuine and passionate are three words which truly encapsulate Nico and Vinx. Right from the very first point of contact, my wife and I just knew. Nico and Vinx's warmth, energy and attention to detail put us both at ease straight away which truly matters and cannot be underestimated. The artistry in their photography is evidentially more than just a way to earn a living, it's their joint passion and by god that shows! My wife and I we could not have been happier in finding Nico and Vinx not only because of all that they did but untimely what we found in them were good friends.

Julie and Alex

You have blown us away with your talent and by what you see when you look through a camera lens. These photos brought us so many emotions and we truly can’t thank you enough. You are incredible people, and it was such a privilege to work with you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. These photos are beautiful, emotive, and captured the essence of Scotland. We pray our paths may cross again in the future!

Annah and Benjamin

Nico and Vinx have their unique way of making you feel at ease. We couldn’t be happier for what they have created for us and for our family. They literally felt like an extension of our friends, which made everything even more meaningful. The Ferros have a true passion for what they do and this is what makes them the best choice we could made!

Because we strongly believe into the wonder of human relationships, the connection with you will be an incredible source of inspiration to us. It will allow to document your day, capturing all the emotions, to create one-of-a-kind and timeless moments, be it an intimate elopement, a refined wedding, a destination wedding, a romantic couple shoot. Contact us

We're so glad you are here, thinking of us as part of your day. We got married a few years ago and our wedding was definitely one of the best days of our life. So we deeply understand how you are feeling and how much important is every detail and choice for your wedding. Find out more about the different kinds of services at your disposal, there's certainly one matching your needs.





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